Bauhaus Walkabout

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ImageBuilding 1.


ImageBuilding 2.


ImageHousehold Item 1.




Household item 2.




Furniture 1.


ImageFurniture 2.






Victorian Inspired Matchbox comp.

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Time has moved on.

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4 months of brotherhood. I pray it continues.
I’ll get more in depth once I’m deeper in drink.
But for now we’ll skip the foreplay.
No longer under the same roof the brothers drift.
A honeymoon, and a nightmare.
Feet fall back in line and head in a direction that none of us know.
You will always have my gun, and I pray I always have yours.
You are my best friend. I smiled inside the moment I heard her name.
I’m proud of you. I can’t stop smiling because of the joy you must be feeling.
There are dark parts though, selfish chapters, and horrors of loneliness.
These are my burdens to bare. I am finding my way out of this dark cave and into the light.
With the map we wrote together.
Take care my friend. Take care.

It’s ok.

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It happened. 

I knew it would. Sucks that it took this long for you to tell me.

I’m ok. I won’t lose sleep over this.

I’m still really happy, for the first time in my life I can actually say

I love myself. 

That alone is enough to make everything alright. 



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Oh the wolves.

How they wait.
For what I cannot be sure.
What else could it be,
but for blood.
Huddled, I’ll find refuge by the fire side.
They cannot touch me here.
They cannot.
If worst comes to worst, I will face them.
All of them.
I will make them work for their feast.
I will.
They are circling now, around the ring of light.
I have ran out of wood, all I have is faith.
I’m still here.

So Much Good!

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It’s funny how 2 months ago my world changed.

Since then, I have grown more as a person in the last 78 days
then I have in my entire life. 
I was shown a secret, a smile.
I’m being given great opportunities.
I get to go back up North during the summer time
for the first time in 6 years.
Most of all though,

I’m just really fucking happy.


Nature Play

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 Ever climbed 80 feet high in a tree?

I have, and I was naked.

It was incredible.

(July 12th)

-Joshua Seinen

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