Image’s and Dream’s

February 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

I was on the phone with my mother today, well I guess yesterday. I brought up with her my idea of starting up a media company within the next 2 years. To my surprise she did not only fail to shoot me down, she complimented me on my current work. This came as a pretty big surprise. It also gave me the first notion of actually going through with it. I will be starting to search for grants and looking for ways that I will be able to come upon some capital and begin a small design company in Vancouver. I am excited and at the same be-wildered as to where one would start looking for government grants to begin such a venture. I am only but the young age of 22…going on 23 and I’ve very few things in my life worth noting. Starting my own design company would certainly be at the forefront of said noteworthy acts.

This had led me to think about the word dream. This has been a prominent word that has been echoing in my psyche along with the word fame. To very strange words that I’m sure co-inside with each other. But why dream, and why have I been using it in my photographs as of late? Is it because I want my photographs to bridge the gap between reality and dreaming? or is it because it lets me interrupt these images as how I see them. Or…or is it just that I know doing this for a living is only feasible as a dream. Something that I can lay back and wish I was getting paid for as I listen to the shutter slide, drag, and shut.

Another thing is the amount of time I’ve tried to think of a name for the business. I’m now leaning towards the name of this blog, “Electronic Translation” but that seems slightly strange and it makes no sense…or at least it doesn’t make sense easily. “Electronic Translation Media” or “Electronic Translation Design”….both are mediocre at best in my opinion but maybe they will grow on me.

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