The City Electric: Day 1

February 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

Day 1:

Alright, so I’ve decided to come into Vancouver B.C during the Olympics and it’s already proved to be a very entertaining experience that not only made me proud to be Canadian but also made me never want to walk again.I had come in on Sunday night which was February the 14th, 2010 and went to church at my pastors house and stayed the night. The next day I headed down and parked on the chosen block of Hornby and Davie Street right across from 1177 Hornby which was called “London Place”. Anyway, as I got set up for my day I checked my watch and saw that it was 1pm. A little worried that I would lose the light I had to get going, so I grabbed my camera bag and tripod and off I went.

Walking down Hornby the air almost had a tingle to it. A sense of pride and togetherness was/is upon this city right now, the whole world is looking at us and we know it and we LOVE IT! A few blocks down I stumbled onto Robson Square and I was only there for about 5 minutes until the first Canadian to win gold on Canadian soil arrived. I stood literally 2 feet from Alexandre Bilodeau as he walked by being escorted by security. I could have padded him on the shoulder if I had wanted to. It was surreal. The crowd instantly started buzzing and people began to crowd as he made his way up the robson square steps to where he was to be interviewed. Anyway, that was crazy…I have some great pictures that I will be posting soon.

After all that crazy excitement I decided to do the cliche and walk down to see the Olympic torch at the water front. By this time the amount of people was ridiculous, Vancouver usually feels busy…but this was insane. As I approached the harbor there was a man on what appeared to be a lifeguard seat who had a megaphone and every 30 seconds would repeat this sentence “If your looking for the Olympic Torch please head west towards the convention center”. This made me smile. I continued walking and shortly there after came upon said torch. All around me were people from all different parts of the world which also leads me to this point…a lot of people have really ridiculous looking default faces – the face people make when they aren’t interacting with anybody and not really thinking about their appearance-. I saw the torch, took some pictures, made some phone calls…then left and went to go pay for my parking again.

I arrived to late. I had received another parking ticket. 30 dollars, what a rip. I payed for parking again and then went on the 10 minute trek back towards robson sqaure when I received a text from one of my best friends Cody Siv telling me to come to an Irish pub on the corner of Nelson and Seymour. I decided to check it out and I had no idea this place existed. I arrive at the said location and it’s a giant white tent, it turns out it’s the Irish Pavilion. I then discover after talking to Cody and his girlfriend Stephanie that all the countries have set up different Pavilions around the city. Among these countries is Russia and apparently they have a waterfall….of vodka. This has yet to be proven, I will investigate further.

I looked at my watch and realized I was late as I had made arrangements with my good friend Sara Mckenna to meet her in front of the Pacific Shopping center. I rushed down Granville street and by this time the streets had become closed to traffic and it was CRAZY. We are talking about a ton of people cramming into about 30 blocks and still making it shoulder to shoulder. Anyway, eventually we found her and her friends and thus began the next leg of the adventure.

Finding a place to eat….this proved to be a very difficult task as there is about a 50 percent increase – if not more- of people then normal in the downtown core. We eventually got to Joeys on Burrard and after eating my meal had to pack up my gear and go to pay for parking AGAIN! What a joke. Another 15 minute trek to my car and I put another 6 bucks in and start to head back to Joeys. As I almost arrived I somehow bump into some friends and catch up briefly before I have to break off and find my other group. The long and short of it, by this point my feet were killing me and the group wanted to go do some drinking and I was not in the mood at all. But I still wanted to have fun, so off we went to Granville Street and we ended up at a pub named “The Cellar” which proved to be a good time for the crew while I was just happy to sit.

After the pub we got something to eat and began to walk back to my car, now at this point it’s about 2am and I have never left my car alone in Vancouver parked on a street for this long. May I also add, I have had my car stolen twice and I am not going for the hat trick…especially with my 2,600 dollar laptop in it. So we hurried back to the car and all 6 of us piled into my little black Honda Civic and proceeded to Sara Mckenna’s house where herself, her room mate Shauna and Sara’s lovely sister Krysta call home. I am currently set up in there storage room where I have been awarded enough pillows to make a small African village comfortable along with a few duvet covers. As I am typing this my back is screaming at me. I bid you goodnight.

The long and short of it is…it’s going to be a long, crazy and memorable week.

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