The City Electric: Day 2-3

February 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

Day 2

So I’ve been in Vancouver for a few days now and last night I could not bring myself to getting on here because I was burnt out. Even tonight I’m pushing myself to do this because I don’t want to fall to far behind. Not a whole lot has happened in days two and three, hence the reason I found it acceptable to take a break. But there has been a few interesting events. One in particular stands out the most. On Tuesday the 16th, 2010 Live City had scheduled a free concert in Yale town which headlined “Alexisonfire”. Now this band can pull in a sell out crowd when the tickets are between 30 to 50 bucks a pop, imagine how many people showed up cause it’s free! Myself and a few friends showed up about 2 hours early to beat the rush and we sat and waited contently. Finally after a few bands and inhaling way to much second hand mary jane “AOF” was about to come on. Now when they did they made it into about 5 or 10 seconds into there first song….when the barricade broke. George -the lead singer of  the band- proceeded to stop and tell everybody to back up as quickly as possible. A few people had been seriously hurt. One girl, I was told suffered a compound fracture which means her bone was sticking out of body and a few other people got hurt as well. It was insane. So now that the crowd had officially wrecked the barricade beyond repair and there was a lot of sharp equipment at the front of the stage the show was canceled. To be frank, I understand but the majority of the people at this event did not. I am very surprised a riot didn’t break out. Anyway, not much else happened after that except I got dragged out to a club on Granville street was danced by buns off. Which is where I learned that I am incredibly out of shape and can only last about 15 minutes…I guess it’s cause when I dance, I dance hard. I don’t know how to pace myself.

Day 3

Welcome to February 17th. I slept in till 2:30, went and bought a sweet jacket and went to the eatery with brother. We then proceeded to the sea wall to bro down for a bit. The end. 🙂 Thanks guys.

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