Dreams and Reality

March 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

What a crazy few weeks. I haven’t had any sense of routine or normality at all. Lost in a haze of sleeping on floors and living out of bags. I’ve become accustomed to floating. I no longer have any roots. My attention has been thrown in so many different directions. Encompassing a drab existence in a few short hours of sleep and awaking to a flurry of faces running through my eye lines. I have also been basically living in Vancouver, feeling like a vagabond.
That has been my last 3 weeks.

So now, last night my good friend and pastor Brian Moon sat me down and talked to me about what he’s been noticing. He brought a lot of things to light. Recently 2000 dollars worth of camera equipment (Nikon d90, Nikon fm10, 18-55mm, 50mm, and a telescopic lens) got stolen out of my car. For those of you that know me…my camera was my outlet. It was what let me breathe, let me vent. I had felt like my dreams had been ripped out of chest. My parents had agreed to loan me some money so that I could purchase both a used Nikon d300 and a used nikon fm2. But something didn’t feel right in my spirit. I have decided to refuse the money and trust God with my dreams. It’s a big step, a hard step, I’m not used to letting go.

Another development is I’m in the middle of trying to decide whether or not I drop out of UFV here in Abbotsford and move to Vancouver early and get a job doing something relaxing and rewarding where I am able to do my graphic design and photography on the side until school starts it Langara. Or if I continue on through the rest of the semester and then move once my lease is up in May and go to Vancouver and get a job until school starts at Langara. So many decisions, But I’ve decided to try and relax and give it all to God. Might seem strange to some of you, but it feels great to finally let go and see where God takes me. So here’s to a sense of adventure and flying by the seat of your pants.

Also, I’ve decided to go to school in the fall at Langara College in Vancouver British Columbia. I will be entering their Publishing Program and taking an 11 month long intensive course where I will be learning 2 years worth of information in 2 semesters. Pretty excited. I’m doing this because I’m tired of waiting for UFV to get their act together and finally get their graphic design program up and running. They had promised me 2 years ago that it would be in effect by now, I’m finally fed up. So the next chapter in my life will be starting soon. Very excited!

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