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April 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s been a crazy few weeks. School is wrapping up and there has been so many crazy events as of late. I haven’t done this in a while and I keep trying to find time but alas it doesn’t happen. Anyway, I recently put up an “Electronic Translation Media and Design” Page on facebook. Please search it and join and become a fan!!!!

Alright so the main thing I wanted to blog about was the fact that one of my favorite bands of all time “Underoath” just underwent a huge lineup change. Their drummer “Aaron Gillespie” has decided to leave. This was a huge shock to everybody who knows “Underoath”. They are one of the few bands that have changed my life for the better, and Aaron has been a huge influence and inspiration. His reasons for leaving the band are not very clear but he has said in his blog at http://aaronrgillespie.tumblr.com/post/498484381/questions that it’s because he feels called to leave. He will be perusing ministry as his main priority as well as still continuing to play in “The Almost”. I can’t be upset that he’s leaving to pursue what he feels that God is calling him to, but it’s still heartbreaking news that such a huge part of “Underoath” -and the only remaining original member left- has left.

That is all for now. Oh! and I was just out with “These Kids Wear Crowns” at their video shoot for “Break It Up” be sure to check these guys out on myspace and look for “Break It Up” on Much Music in the next few months!!! If you’ve ever heard of “Forever The Sickest Kids” and you like them you’ll love “These Kids Wear Crowns”.

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