May 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hey everybody, it’s been a while I know but I’ve been hard pressed to find time to sit down and write for the last 2-3 weeks. For all of those who don’t know I’m currently on tour with a band called “These Kids Wear Crowns” as their Merch Manager. We left on the 13th of May and we drove straight from Chilliwack B.C to Winnipeg Manitoba. It took us 30 hours to get there. I myself have never been farther outside of B.C then Edmonton A.B. Well, actually a long time ago when I was roughly 12-13 my mother took me to Quebec city. But anyway, it’s been a great experience.

We have been touring with “Faber Drive”, “The Latency” and “Jesse Labelle”. It’s been pretty stressful, fast paced, and all sorts of crazy. But I’m learning a lot of very valuable experiences. I used to find myself living in either the future, or the past. This tour has taught me to live in the now. Not to worry about things until they present themselves to you. Things like, where am I sleeping, what am I eating, who my friends are, money. It’s been a very big change for me. But the guys in the band and I are beginning to become good friends. We went from Winnipeg, to Winkler, to Saskatoon, to Regina, to Calgary, and right now we are in Winfield. It feels great to be back in B.C. We are playing a show tomorrow in Vernon with Gob, Swollen Members and Marianas Trench.  Kind of a big deal!!! Very exciting stuff.

Last night in Calgary, I found myself in a very difficult situation. I seem to have met somebody who later on I found out has a boyfriend. This was troubling, girls are crazy. I find myself trying not to get hung up on this. I want to be able to just say “whatever, on to the next one” and let go. But the way it’s looking I seem to be sort of stuck. She’s got a boyfriend, not cool with me at all. Felt a little swindled, to be honest I’m glad I found out before anything “happened” that would have created drama. My life needs none of that right now, or ever. What gets me is I had even thought before this tour happened that this could possibly happen. That I could potentially meet somebody on the road. If I was a complete dirt bag, I wouldn’t have cared that she had a boyfriend and I would have just kept the progression of the situation going. But no, I had to take the high road. Make sure she didn’t do anything stupid, to avoid any form of negative connotation to when we met. I had to keep it in the friends zone. Lame.

Home in a few days, then possibly another tour with the boys. This time across all of Canada, up into Ontario and Quebec. Really hope it works out that I can go with them. Check these guys out.

God Bless.

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