Designing: “Mad Creek Productions”

June 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

Recently I was asked by a good friend to design a logo for her company “Mad Creek Productions”. Instantly when I heard the name I started getting images and colors that got me really excited to work on it. Here is the evolution of the design process for “Mad Creek Productions”

Phase 1:

I started browsing through photography elements, the client had specified that she wanted to have photography as a visual element of the design. There were 2 directions that I wanted to pursue. The first direction was using a photo that captured the mystery, the power, and the beauty the name of the company emulated.  Below is the final draft of the first idea, which is what the client ended up choosing. This was my original composition for the image and it only needed a few tweaks for the client to be satisfied. I changed some of the font styles and made the outer border a little more brown and added a little more texture to the letters and lower part of the image. I had been told that the logo/image needed to emulate the same sort of feeling as the logo used by the “Jerry Bruckhiemer Productions” company.

Originally the photography chosen was full color. But I decided to colorize it so that it gave a warm sepia like feel that not only emulated warmth, but mystery and strength. I wanted the image to give off the impression that it was stoic, pristine. Like the creek had earned it’s right to be there. This is what I wanted the company name to be associated with when this logo was seen. Strength, determination, and confidence.

Phase 2:

Now seeing as I had explored this composition enough, I decided to start going on a different path. The next design is very similar but the composition of the over all image has changed. Also the wave vector came into play. This element was not at all to become a big part in the composition because I knew that the client had wanted the logo to be mainly about the photographic image. So I tried to constrain myself by not letting the illustration take over the image/creative process.

Phase 3:

The next image I created was meant to be a little more chaotic. But still meant to capture ones imagination and want to get involved. It has lighter colors and a more elegant font choice. Which is the balancing factor to the chaos side emulated by the photo. Still though I had to put in the wave vector. I fell in love with it and in the next idea you will see how I decided to try and strip down the entire idea and go with just the illustration. Anyway, this composition is meant to balance both chaos and elegance while using a very simple color scheme.

Phase 4:

This last image is the final part of the series and was my favorite of the designs. It’s clean, simple and easy to remember. It portrays a strength due to the font and because of the illustration and the textures, it also gives off this creepy sort of old school feel in my opinion. Where I placed the font dramatically affected the feel of this composition. My friend and colleague Josh Mitchinson suggested that I place the font in the middle of the illustration. I at first did not like this idea at all, but it grew on me. Now I love it. I had a lot of fun designing this series and am excited for more design work.

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