Where I am

July 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

To be human

Is to hurt

Is to heal

Is to hate

Is to love

I would trade this for peace

My mind races as it forces itself to find some form of contentment

A place inside myself where I am not afraid to say “No”

If you felt my heart beating, you would tell me to slow down

But I’ll sleep when I’m dead and I’ll die when I’m old

While my skin is still fair and my eyes are still good

I’ll paint this world red like I’ve always wished I could.

If only my thought up world was real

If only.




Fight, bleed, cry, scream

Take what you want from this worlds cold hard grasp

Don’t listen to that lie you keep telling yourself



Arm yourself with hope and take up your sword.

With a chest full of fury and a heart full of hope

Carve a path through this world

Some times will be harder then others

Your arms will get tired.

But don’t stop.

I keep telling myself that.

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