And Then Came The Skeletons*

August 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Dear everybody,

I am writing you this because I care about you, but seriously what’s with the lack of honesty. It’s annoying and in my opinion full of shit. Another point, when people who care about you give you insight into a situation….listen, it will save so much pain later on. I am usually a pretty patient man but I am getting sick and tired of being the mediator, the shoulder to cry on, the only ears that will listen. Now to avoid confusion, this is not stemming from any one person but a collective group of people around me in all aspects of my life. Yes, I may not be in the exact situation you are in, but damn it I think I can give some pretty good advice. Now listen. I am all for helping people, but I have done this before where I let other people’s problems drag me down and soon I going to have to say enough is enough. I can’t deal with it forever, and I won’t.

Now in other new’s, I’m having a HELL of a time meeting people here. I mean it’s happening, but most of it is surface bullshit to be honest. A few people here and there are becoming more then that but I actually want to have real relationships with people and soon I’ll be weeding the sheep from the goats. Basically if your not a real person…piss off.

Let’s talk about the opposite sex, your impossible. Seriously, you are so frustrating. That’s all.

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