Tell Them*

August 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

What is it that makes us wait.

What is it that makes us yearn for something, that’s only an idea.

Why do we force our feet to follow imaginary foot steps that we ourselves are scared to take.

I am tired of letting idea’s only be idea’s.

Your flirting with a disaster, posting hope for the unknown, for the imagined.

But all the power to you.

Stop hiding behind half truth’s and putting aside the dream, either fight for it or die.

Second chances are hard to come by, trust me I know

I am now merely a road sign reminding others to not go down the same ride I once did.

Because of this I am lost. So lost.

But I am not the subject of this thought process.

It’s you.

You and only you know the facts, the evidence is locked away inside your heart of how you really feel.

I know it’s there, I can still read you like a book.

Just look at what your doing to yourself, saying one thing, thinking another, and doing the opposite of both.

Why are you doing this to yourself, it’s not fair to anybody.

There are those who will question this muse, they will falsify evidence against me assuming it is them I am speaking of.

But you won’t read this, and if you do…will the light be too much for you to handle.

So much has happened, so many words have flown off of tongues before being thought through.

So much bullshit.

Sort through the wreckage, find the captain and start again.

The salt may sting your eyes but drag him ashore and rebuild if that is indeed what you wish and see once and for all if this ship is really worth sailing.

Or if it is only a dream…an idea.

A late night yearning for that familiar touch, or smell, or feeling.

Too long has this been drawn out, too many unanswered questions.


Being only a spectator find myself pulling out my own hair and silently screaming


I pray that this war end’s soon, and I don’t care who wins or loses.

I just want it gone….

I just want peace.

If death took you tonight, who would you want at your side.

Answer that…

Stop stalling, either make it a reality or let it go.

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