One more week of chaos.

September 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

Well…I’ve done it. I have basically done it. A few more days of stress, and then I get to finally allow myself a routine. I am very excited about this friends, actually I am so excited about this I simply cannot wait. I have had way to many things on my plate these last couple weeks of summer and I am tired and worn out. I just want to be able to not brace for change anymore. I just want to relax. Thank you to those who have put up with me over these last few weeks. You are appreciated.

I must say though, I haven’t really been behaving very well as of late. Lot’s of late nights and drinking to much when I can, and even sometimes when I can’t. Being a little irresponsible. Anyway, there are some people that I miss. To you all I say is I am proud to know you and respect and support what you are doing. You are growing and are changing. Before a man can love another, he must first love him self.

School has started, pretty fun. Not a lot of student life at this College, it seems more dignified more grounded then other schools I have been to. Anyway. That’s what has been going on.

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