Hope is chained to a heart string.

October 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m a boy who thinks he’s a man.

Dirt and spit make up who I am.

Cigarettes and blue ribbon keep me company.

While God watch’s me from above and cries

“I am right here”

The floor is littered with a weeks worth of yesterdays t-shirts.

Memories from a life long gone still linger here because I’m too lazy to fix all the leaks.

Staring me in the face are demons that I don’t wish to condemn.

I’m three beer deep and I’m already wallowing.

Why stop here.

So here in my white walled prison, tucked away from what life really is.

I will ponder why there is not another set of eyes wishing they could see me.

Another set of hands wanting to hold mine.

Another heart.

Maybe it is time for me to grow up. Get a hair cut, trim this sad excuse of a beard, and maybe try to become something that I might not even be ready for.


Until I make that decision my friends north field and blue ribbon will keep my company under the blue light of my front porch.

God help me.



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