A Good Day.

November 20, 2010 § 1 Comment

I woke up today at 1:00pm…was supposed to be at school at 1:30pm. I couldn’t get out of bed. That’s a problem. I have been overwhelmed by school. I tell people around me that for the most part I’m ok. I’m not. It is really hard. Deadlines are overlapping and projects are piling up. It’s the end of the semester and I can’t sleep, I live off of free coffee and day old pastries and that must have something to do with this weird sick feeling I get ever so often. But I’m not on here to talk about that. I’m here now, writing because day I had a good day.

I woke up and decided to get out of bed. I didn’t go to school because I needed a break. So I stayed home, took my time getting ready and was mentally preparing myself for a date I was going on later in the day. After having a smoke with my room mate Leo I decided to call home. This is where the good day began.

I called home and my father picked up. I was hoping to talk to my mother cause there were a few things I needed to get off my chest but I decided to man up and tell my dad. I told him that I had started smoking again, and have been for almost 7 Months. He didn’t even really scold me just said ” If you smoke, you die” and then laughed. We then talked about God and how my dad feels really close to Him right now, which was great to hear. We talked for about an hour, so to be frank it’s about the longest conversation I have EVER had with my dad and it was awesome. I love that man soooo much, and I got a lot off of my chest. I also learned that it’s my parents 25th wedding anniversary next month…So proud of them both. I hung up the phone happy, and content. I was going to go down to Army and Navy to pick up some winter head wear aka…toques. But an unexpected surprise happened.

I then received a text from my close friend Sara Mckenna who is probably one of my most favorite people right now. She asked me what I was up to and being that I had a few extra hours I decided to call her and see what was going on. After talking to her for a few minutes she asked me to accompany her to an event at the Croatian Cultural Center called “Make It” which is a basically a gathering of local vendors/craft makers. We arrive after grabbing a quick coffee at JJ Bean on Commercial Drive which is my place of employment and she introduced me to some friends as soon as we got there. We then proceeded to merely browse, enjoy each others company and talk. I picked up 2 small items both of which were necklaces and then after about 2 hours decided to head back to main street where I would end up meeting my date for the evening. Got there early, played some tetris, had some coffee and just relaxed.

My date arrives and we end up catching the bus down town after grabbing coffee. We wind up at the “Le Movember” Art show at Ayden, from there we ended up walking around gastown just chatting up a storm….I predict it’s going to snow at this point. I am happy to say that I was right. We found this little place called “6 Acres” and it was great. Then we went walked over to “Malones” in an attempt to see her friends play a show. We got there…and it had the worst sound guy ever. So after about 30 minutes we left and by this time it was snowing like CRAZY. Basically a blizzard in downtown Vancouver. I loved it, but I wasn’t really dressed for it so I was a little taken aback. We walked back to the skytrain and I got off at Main Street and walked home after saying goodnight. Overall a pretty successful date.

Now the walk home was amazing. So silent and calm. People in Vancouver can’t drive in snow worth balls so they just choose to not go out. It was a very pretty walk to to say the least.

Anyway, that was my day. You were probably bored reading this and if you made it all the way through I thank you. Hope you all had as great a day as I did.

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