January 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

I am stuck in this static.

Never should have even thought about what it would be like to go through that door again.

I put it to bed when the waves started rolling and the skies started to leak.

Water on both sides seemed like too big of a challenge.

So instead I killed it slow, when I should have took the leap.

I have been told what I should have said.

I have been told what I should have done.

But I didn’t, and I’m afraid the door has closed.

Wait, it did.

A long time ago.

No this is not what you think, this is a past that isn’t so distant.

There were never any “I love you’s” involved in this fairy tale.

Just hugs, phone calls, and mid-night McDonalds runs.


But just as I was going to get up the nerve

The floor gave out.

Since then I buried it.

But many a bottle have brought me back to that gravestone.

There’s to much to risk, to much to lose.

So for now I’ll sit silently.

In the corner.

To think.







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