January 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Empty faces search the dance floor for the next soul to steal away for the night.

A personification of wasted time and no purpose.

Wake up. Please.

I found myself aloof amongst a company of strangers who I neither cared to know.

Or cared what happened to them.

Stealing glances from left to right the protagonist sheds a tear for the half empty bed waiting for them when they get home.

Then puts on a fake smile to come up with a fake solution.

All they want is a heart beat beside them when they fall asleep.

All they want is to quell the lonely white noise with another set of lungs to breath in the surrounding shroud of alone.

I myself am one of these, and I am ashamed to admit that only just last night I lost sight of what mattered.

I abandoned ship for a raft that was built just for me…but only for a night.

So round and round the merry go round I will race until I trip and fall and skin my knee’s.

Ripped jeans and a bruised ego are what waits for me around the bend.

Now finally, I am not inclined to fall again.

No longer will I traverse a sea of sharks in hopes to find an angel for the night.

No more. It’s done.

It’s empty.

Wake up.


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