May 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

I woke up today with a set of idea’s of how I thought the next couple of months are going to turn out. I was focused, determined, and hopeful. It was raining outside, windy, and cold. Not the typical everyday May afternoon. As I walked by the front door as I often do I remembered my Metis status card and how it should be arriving any day now. Going up the stairs I had no expectation that it would there. I opened up the mailbox and investigated. A letter had come for me, but not from the Metis Nation, instead it was from Capilano University.

A while back I applied to enter the iDEA program at Capilano with the full knowledge of the possibility of me getting in would be a long shot to say the least. But I did anyway. I had left my application portfolio to the last minute as always and after a string of late nights and early mornings I had finished it. My mother, who was in town visiting along with my father, was a great help. Upon arriving at Capilano my mother and I put the finishing touches on the portfolio. We dropped it off and I got panicky, as I do in a lot of high pressure situations and walked away not knowing if I would even receive a call back for an interview.

It was the first time I chose to smoke in front of my mother.

A week later I was contacted for an interview. I called my mother. “JOSH! THAT’S GREAT!!!” was her response, but in a motherly pride that was both jovial, and loving. Almost like the way a father would smack the back of his son after he hit a home run at the ballpark. I told her that she shouldn’t get too excited because the chances of me getting in were still small. I still needed to under go a face to face interview, a creative thinking test, a language proficiency exam, and an observed still life drawing.

Daunting… I thought I bombed all of them but the interview.

Back to the beginning. I ripped open the envelope and read the first line, and the first line only. “I am pleased to inform you that you are a successful candidate for the three-year IDEA diploma program. Congratulations!”. I looked up, took a deep breath and rushed off to work. I couldn’t even process it. All these idea’s I had only minutes before  that seemed so concrete are now…well, now they are important.

I can’t believe I got in. Booyah!



Click this link to get a look at some former students work. It’s the grad site.


This is what I was doing while writing this post. Life win? I think so.

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