Pleasure Cruise.

May 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

Here I am. 

A wall hit by a hurricane. Afraid.
Destined for doom, one would think.
My gut tells me otherwise.
Secrets untold store themselves.
Deep. So deep.
A wall is only as good as it’s foundation.
I’m certain that this storm will pass.
Crash into me. I will not falter.
Alone I’ll ride into the blue. Not knowing what I’ll find.
But this. Myself.
Continual learning is pertinent.
Dive deep, let each wave carry you and may it bring me one step closer to finding what you need.
5 weeks at sea, still no sign of shore and the fucked up thing is.
I’m ok.
I will weather any storm for the chance to walk your shoreline.
Let the waves break upon my chest, I will not go under.
I’m more alive then I have ever felt, and it won’t go away.
I washed up on your shore until the riptide took me back.
I will find my way back. I will.
This I am sure.




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