June 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

It’s late. I’m cold, and I’m introspective.

It’s been a quiet couple of days. Nothing life changing. One of my best friends got engaged. I guess that should be a big deal. It’s too bad that I have a really hard time accepting it. I’m happy for him, but I guess you can say I’m pretty sure it’s destined for disaster. I hope that I’m wrong. I hope they are happy, and love each other, and raise a wonderful family together. 

I guess you can say it’s like watching a best friend get a really big tattoo on their chest that you know they will regret. I feel shitty for saying that, but it’s the truth.

What else…I still really want to get a motorcycle. I’m planning on taking the last 3 weeks of August off and heading up North for a week or 2. It would be so great to be at my parents place (My Childhood Home) in the summer time. It hasn’t happened in years and I miss it. Be jealous. I grew up on a 1500 acre farm. I could be off on the acreage but I know it was huge. To walk from one end to the other would take well over an hour. Mountains, tree’s, streams, cliffs, devils club. All sorts of wild stuff. I want to go so badly.

I wonder how that would be on a motorcycle. A completely new perspective. I wonder what it would be like riding with 2 people. I should probably get on my license asap so I can get as much practice in as necessary. I love showing people where I came from, it would be great to take somebody with me.

It was Italian Day today on Commercial Drive. Where I work (JJ Bean) was packed. I felt like eating a gun so many times. I wanted somebody to walk through the front door and punch me in the mouth so I had a reason to go home. Sounds twisted, but it’s the truth. At least for the first 4 hours. It got better as the night went on but the initial stress was a little much.

I sent some words on the road a little while ago. You know. A letter. I have a feeling it will reach it’s destination by tomorrow. I looked up how long it takes for mail to reach it’s destination within the province and it said 2-3 business days. Does that mean that on the weekend no mail goes anywhere that isn’t priority or rush delivered? That seems like a lot of information to stop. I’ll have to find that out one day.

I have one more day of work. Then three days off. Tomorrow I work 8 hours, then hopefully will be talking motorcycles and whiskey. Hopefully I’ll catch the tail end of the sun for the day.
I guess I’ll just go with the flow.

Joshua Ryan Seinen 

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