At the bottom

March 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Choking, breaking, broke

I’m alone and that’s a fact
For it is here that I feel oh so cold but strong
I need not another heart beat, but another voice.
Dear God I’m scared of what I might become
A stronger, better, version of myself.
It makes me miss the things that I’ve done
But I needn’t worry, am I correct?
Liquor and smoke have quelled the pain the for so long that it scares me to breath in clean air
Here I sit, an alcohol fire burns deep inside
Fueled by the spell of a sailor and the quest to become older…
Wiser, stronger.
This path will not lead that way my friend.
You have done enough, put down the bottle and begin to lament
For the old times must come to an end.
Friends have come, and friends have gone.
But the fact remains the same
You are never alone, you have the One above.
Eradicate the sickness. Boil the blade and cut out the pity
Do not let the tears take you.
For they are the very enemy you embrace.
Enough now, just quench the desire.
For one last taste.

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